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Method Acting for Directors I

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Nourish the Beast
by: Steve Tesich


(seated talking to a friend, blurting out roughly)

Let me continue. 

(beginning again)

I don't know how old I was when I was first put in the orphanage, (re-thinking) 
not very.  And the first time I heard the word orphan I thought it was this guys 
name Billy orphan (laughs).  Then I found out that I was an orphan too, and I 
thought, Billy and I were related (smile).  (frown) and then I found out that we 
were all orpans, and I thought that can't be right somebody must be lieing.

(inturrupted, impatiently waiting that shouting and standing...)

Let me finish!  (Begining again)  So we're all orphans, but I still didn't know 
what the word meant except that we talked about (slowing) everything in the 
terms of that one word.  (gesturing to desinated space CL) The outside world 
(?) was a non-orphangae, those that got placed were de-orphanated, 
(frustrated) those that came back were re-orphanated.  (with a laugh)  For a 
long time I thought only boys were orphans, (beat) so when I grew up I 
wanted to be a girl.

(preparing again, this time to give a memory that cuts much deeper)

But (....) I still didn't know what the word meant, so I asked a gaurd one day: 
(Looking up to where the ggaurd would be if you were about six, and the 
voice lightened to imply an innocence.) What's an orphan?(returning to 
regular voice,  talking to his friend not himself as the orphan, lines said with a 
saddness) he said that an orphan was somebody that nobody liked. (gainning 
achild like innocence again with a power) but the other orphans liked me, 
Billy liked me, (regained) I asked him if that made me a non-orphan. (real life 
again) He said no, being liked by another (drawn out) orphan didn't count.

(picking up speed and moving, pacing)

So I started thinking that nothing in the orphanage counted, the only things 
that mattered were on the outside. (turning, sitting) For the whole time that I 
was there some police athletic league kept promicing to take us to a ball 
game.  We went to bed everynight hoping that tomorrow was going to be the 
big day when we'd go to a (softly) ball game.  (laughing) we didn't even know 
what a ball game was, properly speaking, but it was on the outside so we 
assumed it was something increddible something unheard of(gesturing to the 
sky).  Then one day this man came and took us (unworthly) to a ball game 
(still in awe at the sky).


The yankees won

(beat smiling very mockingly)

That was it.  The Yankees won.  (Angrily building) And all of us orphans sat 
there scratching our asses thinking (pause, fourteen) you mean this is it, this 
is the real world.  (older again)  That's why I still go to ball games, i keep 
thinking one of these days I'm going to see it the way I'd thought I'd see it.  You 
know the ball game of the century (building) the ball game of all time 
(returning to the previous ball game gesture).

(turning to friend "Sylvia)

And when I go I see some of the orphans I once knew, Billy's there every time. 
(frustrated) I mean they're all grown up and everything but still looking 
orphany (cut line: "as hell"), still (Climax as far as lines go) waiting for the ball 
game! (!!!!)  (building soflty, filled) You see don't you?  You see how they 
tricked us into thinking the outside world was so fantastic and full of wonders. 
(recanting) I mean it's not like we thought it was all good but... we did think it 
was full of.... extremes! (filled again, but slowly methodical now) That's it 
extremes.  The most buetiful and the ugliest things wer eon the outside, 
nothing inbetween... 

(Self Actualizing)

And that's why I became a cop. (say this as if this was why this topic came 
about) I thought that by being a cop I'd be able to find those extremes.

(sudden pause and move in close, desperately almost a whisper)

And sometimes (beat) I think I'm close. (beat) sometimes I'll be walking my 
beat and I'll hear this screaming, I mean (really going for it) I mean screaming 
so painful that you heart wants to comit sucide. (beginnig to straighten) And I 
think hotdog this is it this is it this is the saddest goddamned thing that has 
ever happed. (returning) So I rush to the house and rush up the stairs and 
what do I find

(beat, take this pause and leaving it open ended to what "fantastic and full of 
wonder" thing is in store for the audience)

Some old lady is screaming her head off because her paraket ate something 
foul and was vomiting all over the cage. (continuing) I swear to god Sylvie, the 
parakeet was barfing like a truckdriver, the old lady screaming her head off, 
and for some reason she turned the fan on

(giant build, coming close and pointing)

And (p.) there (p.) it (p.) was (p.)


Bird barf, all over the wall paper (gesturing, to real world space).


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