Theatre LUL School Acting3 -- 3rd year [2011]



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2010? "As Is" -- state of my webpages.

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... Exile and Actors : Plato and his Republic. and
2007 FAQ

... Lul-Rep and understudy


No, I do not think I will be able to fix/work on "Total Actor"...

Utopia-2 :

-- I say together with Plato, go away! Go to your words, behind the wall of castle and never forget that you longs to gods, not the ideal state! Yes, leave the ideal on earth to real fools, our ideal belongs to heaven! Live the ideal dreams, my friends, dream more, my actors.


What language do you speak, foreigner?

I speak the secret language of stagematrix!

{ 2009 } LUL


... workshop/masterclass format -- apprenticeship: understudy for LUL shows.

required drama classes*

Method? Some other "method" is needed!

... 2010? Lul-Summers ?

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To start with Acting 3, not Acting 1...

Just a thought.