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method for directors three

Directing Showcases
ShowCases: 3 Sisters, Mikado, 12th Night, Hamlet, The Importance of Being Earnest, Dangerous Liaisons, Don Juan
prof. Anatoly Antohin Theatre UAF AK 99775 USA (907)474-7751



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Method Acting for DirectorsIII Intro

This expression means . . . the story of the play, the facts, events, epoch, time and place of action, conditions of life, the actors' and régisseur's (director's) interpretation, the mise-en-scène, the production, the sets, the costumes, properties, lighting and sound effects--all the circumstances that are given to an actor to take into account as he creates his role.

[The Magic ] If is the starting point, the given circumstances, the development.
-- An Actor Prepares * Stanislavsky


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Look Back in Anger
John Osborne 

Scene: A one room flat in the Midlands

Alison: a young woman who has just lost a baby, 20s

Alison left her emotionally abusive husband, Jimmy, when she 
discovered she was pregnant.  Months later, she has lost the baby 
and returns to Jimmy, who still views her departure as a betrayal.  
Here, Alison finally breaks down in front of Jimmy and reveals her 
darkest self.

ALISON:  It doesn't matter! I was wrong, I was wrong! I don't want 
to be neutral, I don't want to be a saint! I want to be a lost 
cause.  I want to be corrupt and futile! (Her voice takes on a 
little strength)  Don't you understand?  It's gone! It's gone! That- 
that helpless human being inside my body.  I thought it was so safe, 
so secure in there.  Nothing could take it from me.  It was mine, my 
responsibility.  But it's lost.  (She slides down against the leg of 
the chair to the floor).  All I wanted was to die.  I never knew 
what it was like. I didn't know it could be like that! I was in 
pain, and all I could think of was you, and what I'd lost! (Scarcely 
able to speak.)  I thought: if only-if only he could see me now, so 
stupid, and ugly and ridiculous.  This is what he wants to splash 
about in! I'm in the fire and I am burning and all I want is to die! 
It's cost him his child and any others I might have had!  But it 
doesn't matter-this is what he wanted from me! (She raises her face 
to him.)  Don't you see!  I'm in the mud at last!  I'm groveling!  
I'm crawling!  Oh, God-


Leave Me Alone!
written by Neil Simon 
(A couple of days ago, Sophie Rauschmeyer moved next door to Andy 
and Norman who run a magazine called "Fallout." Norman has been 
romantically pestering her since twelve minutes after she introduced 
herself to him, and she's finally speaking out.) Center stage 
Sophie: Mr.Cornell, Ah have tried to be neighborly, Ah have tried to 
be friendly and Ah have tried to be cordial... (Puts her hands on 
her temples) Ah don't know what it is that you're trying to be. 
(Plays with her hands)That first night Ah was appreciative that you 
carried mah trunk up the stairs...The fact that it slipped and fell 
five flights and smashed to pieced was not your fault...Ah didn't 
even mind the personal message you painted on the stairs. Ah thought 
it was crazy, but sorta sweet. (puts her hands up palms out) 
However, things have now gone too far...Ah cannot accept gifts from 
a man Ah hardly know...Especially canned goods. And Ah read your 
little note. Ah can guess the gist of it even though Ah don't speak 
Italian. This has got to stop, Mr. Cornell. Ah can do very well 
without you leavin' little chocolate-almond Hershey bars in mah 
mailbox-they melted yesterday, and now Ah got three gooey letters 
from home with nuts in 'em-and (Her voice begins to rise)Ah can do 
without you sneakin' into mah apartment after Ah go to work and 
paintin' mah balcony without tellin' me about it. Ah stepped out 
there yesterday and mah slippers are still glued to the floor. And 
Ah can do without you tying big bottles of eau de cologne to mah 
cat's tail. The poor thing kept swishin' it yesterday and nearly 
beat herself to death...And most of all, Ah can certainly do without 
you watchin' me get on the bus every day through that high-powered 
telescope. You got me so nervous the other day, Ah got on the wrong 
bus. In short, Mr. Cornell. ( shouting at this point) (Moves closer 
in his face) And Ah don't want to have to say this again, leave me 


Film-North * Anatoly Antohin