8.28.08 :

I do not know when I will come back to this directory.

I do not know even how I got here now.

I wanted to have "Chekhov Pages" and bought the domain name "chekhov.us"...

After "3 Sisters" and teaching Chekhov almost every year, I wanted to write ABOUT Chekhov.

Chekhov POD Farces @ Lulu.com [ and sellassie.info ? ]


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Chekhov - Love Letters

Не знаю, помимают ли English search engines русский. Еще один опыт.

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Разрешено свободное распространение текстов и использование для некоммерческих целей при условии сохранения целостности текста (включая данную информацию), оформления и ссылки на источник — virtual theatre w/anatoly
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Russian texts?.. "Russian Sunset" Spingler
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Three Chekhovs: writer, playwright, Antosha


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Chekhov Study English, Study Russian -- bilingual texts Chekhov Farces *

I did it many times; in the 80s and 90s...

This is how I did learn English myself...

I mixed American an Russian actors. We did translations as workshops. We did the shows in two languages...

I placed the Russian texts to help me to translate "Four Jokes and One Funeral" -- UAF Fall 2005 show.

Use it -- Chekhov works!

Perform it!

Theatre always works!

NTL, get some good dictionary!

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