"Yoga relaxes, centers, and balances while integrating the actions of the body and the mind, which is crucial for acting."
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"In rehearsals in Grotowski's company and in Pillory Theatre the actors used Yoga asana, often somewhat modified. In my experience with Yoga, I find it to be a physical path to the internal spiritual world and an 'inner knowing'. If you look into the eight fold path of Yoga (of which asana, the physical poses, are #3 of 8) and compare it to Grotowski's statement of principles you will find similarities." Grotowski and Vakhtangov Упражнение: Оглянитесь на только что прошедший час, как если бы он был для вас последним часом на земле, и вы только что осознали, что умерли. Gurdieff
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Besides such high-profile practitioners as Madonna, Woody Harrelson, David Duchovny, and Nicholas Cage, yoga advocates have included British director Peter Brook and the late Polish director Jerzy Growtowski. Even the famed Russian actor/director Konstantin Stanislavsky, father of "Method" acting, included yoga in his acting training.



yoga = "to yoke, join, or concentrate." M
Method: Yoga & Freud I'll be moving yoga images to other acting directing (3) for warmups. This is the first page -- what is the principle of starting each(?) class with excer...


In order for me link Freud and Yoga, I have to write about THE EGO AND HIS OWN by MAX STIRNER

G: Делать -- может означать только одно: извлекать квинтэссенцию из каждого момента жизни и одновременно платить по всем долгам природе и самому себе, но только при наличии "Я" можно уплатить немедленно.

Древнее изречение Сократа "познай самого себя" мы невинно обратили в "наблюдай за собой"...

Method, System and Theatre Theology ...


Grotowski: "When I was young I asked myself what would be a possible job that would enable me to look for the other one and myself, to look for a dimension of life that would be rooted in what is normal, organic, even sensual, but that would go beyond all this, that would have a sort of axis, another higher dimension that would surpass us. At that time, I wanted to study either Hinduism, to work on the different techniques of yoga, or medicine, to become a psychiatrist, or dramatic art to become a director."
Besides such high-profile practitioners as Madonna, Woody Harrelson, David Duchovny, and Nicholas Cage, yoga advocates have included British director Peter Brook and the late Polish director Jerzy Growtowski. Even the famed Russian actor/director Konstantin Stanislavsky, father of "Method" acting, included yoga in his acting training.

An actor has to be both an emotional and physical athlete!

Body, Soul, Spirit

G: Извлекая из жизни самое ценное, надо уметь управлять своими желаниями. Проследите, насколько беспристрастно вы можете оценить сами себя. Присмотритесь к себе и вы обнаружите, сколько существует удивительных способов быть беспристрастным. Каждый раз мысленно отмечайте различные моменты проявления желаний. Делайте все по-прежнему, но только обязательно осознавайте их присутствие. Перелейте в мир часть своей крови, но более высокого плана.


Acting as a WAY of LIVING: acting as philosophy

vector Г.И. Гурджиев (G)

G: "Это "закон трех", или закон трех принципов, трех сил. Он проявляется в том, что любое явление, в каком бы масштабе оно ни происходило, от молекулярных до космических, представляет собой результат сочетания или встречи трех различных и противоположных сил. Современная мысль принимает наличие двух сил и их необходимость для того, чтобы возник какой-нибудь феномен: сила и противодействие, положительный и отрицательный магнетизм, положительные и отрицательные электрические заряды, мужские и женские клетки и так далее, но она не всегда и не везде находит даже эти две силы. Относительно же третьей силы вопрос никогда и не ставился, а если кто-то его поднимал, остальные ничего не слышали. (Neutral, Angelic Force)


1. Sensuality (sensing)

2. Curiosity (thinking)

3. Power impulse (feeling)

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Give and receive light until inside and out no longer exist.
Giving and receiving become one.


"Surrender to the breath and calm the mind in practice." Mind-Freud

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Grotovsky & Yoga: "A contemporary [to B. Brecht] Polish director, Jerzy Grotowski, made the most thorough effort to rediscover the elements of the actor's art. Although he credited Stanislavsky with having posed the most important questions, he was not satisfied either with Stanislavsky, who let natural impulses dominate, or with Brecht, who was too much concerned, Grotowski felt, with the construction of the role. To Grotowski, the actor is a man who works in public with his body, offering it publicly. The work with the actor's instrument consists of physical, plastic, and vocal training to guide him toward the right kind of concentration, to commit himself totally, and to achieve a state of "trance." The actors concentrate on the search for "signs," which express through sound and movement those impulses that waiver on the borderline between dream and reality. By means of such signs, the actor's own psychoanalytical language of sounds and gestures is constructed, in the same way as a great poet creates his own language." (http://www.strasberg.com/defacting.html )

An Acrobat of the Heart by Stephen Wangh 0375706720 Opposite to Yoga? Betty Sue Stein: Butф is: •Shocking •Provocative •Physical •Spiritual •Erotic •Grotesque •Violent •Cosmic •Nihilistic •Cathartic •Mysterious


Hijikata Tatsumi: … we shake hands with the dead. … in Butф we can find, touch our hidden reality–something can be born, can appear, living and dying at the same moment. The character and basis of butф is a hidden violence. It is a filthy child…”.

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Bu-tф = dance + step. Hijikata coined the phrase Ankoku Butф — translated as the ‘dance of darkness’ [ get back to Zuzuki ] Yoga was birthed out of an oral tradition where teaching was transmitted directly from teacher to student. The Indian sage Patanjali is credited with the summation of this oral tradition into his classical work, the Yoga Sutra, a 2,000-year-old treatise on yogic philosophy. Containing a collection of 195 sutra (or statements), the Yoga Sutra provides a kind of philosophical guidebook for dealing with the challenges of being human.
The discipline of hatha yoga—the physical aspect of yoga—was originally developed as a vehicle for meditation. This system of hatha yoga prepared the body, particularly the nervous system, for stillness, creating the necessary physical strength and stamina that allowed the mind to remain calm during meditation. Yoga Philosophy: Though virtually nothing is known about the life of the Indian sage/philosopher Patanjali, the text attributed to him, the Yoga Sutra is the most significant work on the philosophy of yoga. The date the text was composed is also unknown, though it is believed to have been written sometime between 200 BC and 300 AD. The Sanskrit word sutra means thread or aphorism thus the title of the text is sometimes translated as the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali.
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"Yoga and Buddhism are sister traditions which evolved in the same spiritual culture of ancient India. They use many of the same terms and follow many of the same principles and practices." (David Frawley) For this reason we have included several important Buddhist texts: The Dhamapada, The Milindapanha, The Diamond Sutra, The Heart Sutra, and D.T. Suzuki's rendering of the Oxherding Pictures. The Master said, "Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous."
Some one addressed Confucius, saying, "Sir, why are you not engaged in the government?" Do you want to know the answer?