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Acting (Re)considered: A Theoretical and Practical Guide by Phillip B. Zarrilli; Routledge, 2002 - 1: General Introduction - Part I: Theories of and Meditations on Acting - 2: Introduction - 3: The Actor's Presence - 4: On Acting and Not-Acting - 5: just Be Your Self - 6: The Actor's Emotions Reconsidered: - Part II: (Re)Considering the Body and Training - 7: Introduction - 8: An Amulet Made of Memory: - 9: Meyerhold's Biomechanics - 10: Etienne Decroux's Promethean Mime - 11: Actor Training in the Neutral Mask - 12: Bali and Grotowski - 13: Culture is the Body - 14: My Bodies - 15: on the Edge of a Breath, Looking - 16: The Gardzienice Theatre Association of Poland - 17: Effector Patterns of Basic Emotions - Part III: (Re)Considering the Actor in Performance - 18: Introduction - 19: Brecht and the Contradictory Actor - 20: Dario Fo - 21: Forum Theatre - 22: Resisting the organic - 23: Rachel Rosenthal Creating Her Selves - 24: Task and Vision - 25: David Warrilow - 26: Robert Wilson and the Actor - 27: Anna Deavere Smith

Acting by John Harrop; Routledge, 1992 - Chapter 1: Acting and the Phenomenological Problem - Chapter 2: Acting and Semiotics - Chapter 3: Acting and Athletics - Chapter 4: The Psychology of Acting - Chapter 5: The Psychology in Acting - Chapter 6: The Dynamics of Acting: Skills - Chapter 7: The Dynamics of Acting: Process - Chapter 8: The Dynamics of Acting: Style - Chapter 9: The Cybernetics of Acting: Space and Design - Chapter 10: The Cybernetics of Acting: Director and Rehearsal - Chapter 11: The Cybernetics of Acting: Audience and Critic - Chapter 12: Acting as Danger and Sacrifice - Coda

The Nature of Expertise in Professional Acting: A Cognitive View by Helga Noice, Tony Noice; Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997 - Training for the Profession - 2: Psychological Research into Actors' Mental Processes - 3: Experimental Investigation of Actors' Learning Strategies - 4: Cued Recall Task - 5: The Summarization Task and Posttest Statements of Strategy - 6: A Professional Actor Prepares a Role: A Think-Aloud Protocol - 7: More Think-Aloud Protocols - 8: A Mnemonist's Approach to Script Learning - 9: The Benefits of Script Segmentation - 10: Continuing the Quest - 11: A General Model of Acting Cognition - 12: Other Investigations of Actors and Acting


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Acting : The First Six Lessons Contributors: Richard Boleslavsky--Author Publisher: Theatre Arts Inc. 1933

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. , ., "", 1995

Michael Chekhov by Franc Chamberlain; Routledge, 2003

on Konstantin Stanislavsky:

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Television and the Performing Arts : A Handbook and Reference Guide to American Cultural Programming Contributors: Brian G. Rose--Author Subjects: Fiction, Television And The Performing Arts--United States--History Publisher: Greenwood Press 1986

Modern/Postmodern : A Study in Twentieth-Century Arts and Ideas Contributors: Silvio Gaggi--Author Subjects: Arts, Modern--20th Century, Postmodernism Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press 1989

On Method Acting 0804105227

Handbook of the Stanislavsky's Method *

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'The Golden Bough' by Sir James George Frazer [1922]

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About The Stanislavsky Technique: Russia A Workbook for Actors. Applause Books. Size 5.3x7.7 inches. 272 pages. Published by Applause Books. (314039)
It is virtually impossible to discuss modern acting or actor training without first mentioning the Russian thoerist and director Konstantin Stanislavsky. Complete in one volume, Mel Gordon explores the actor training systems of Stanislavsky and his two most important disciples, Evgeni Vakhtangov and Michael Chekhov, tracing the major teachings and refinements over the first 50 years of use by actors. Gordon reconstructs the actual exercises taught at the Moscow Art Theatre and various Russian acting studios, and he clears away the myths and confusion about the practical use of Stanislavsky's System. This volume contains: The Stanislavsky System - First Studio Exercises 1912-1916; Vakhtangov as Rebel and Theoretician - Exercises 1919-1921; Michael Chekhov - Exercises 1919-1952; and Stanislavsky's Fourth Period - Theory of Physical Actions, 1934-1938.

The Actor and the Target 1559362197
Declan Donnellan is the first Director of the Royal Shakespeare Academy and is best known for his work with Check By Jowl, including As You Like It, and the recent production of Homebody/Kabul in New York. As Associate Director of the National Theatre his pro-ductions included Fuente Ovejuna, Sweeney Todd, and Angels in America. Abroad, his work abroad includes Le Cid for the Avignon Festival, The Winter_s Tale for the Maly Theatre in St. Petersbourg and Puskin_s Boris Godunuv for the Moscow Theatre confederation. He has received awards in London, Paris, New York, and Moscow.

Secrets of Screen Acting by John Stamp, Patrick Tucker; Routledge, 2003 - Introduction - Chapter 1: Screen Versus Stage - Chapter 2: Film Versus Television - Chapter 3: The Frame - Chapter 4: The Camera - Chapter 5: Reactions and Business - Chapter 6: Sound and Vocal Levels - Chapter 7: Typecasting - Chapter 8: Acting - Chapter 9: Auditions - Chapter 10: Rehearsals and Technicals - Chapter 11: Directing Actors for the Screen - Chapter 12: Announcers (And the Art of Being Interviewed) - Chapter 13: The Shoot - Chapter 14: The Editor and Editing - Epilogue - Acting Exercises

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Самоучитель актерского мастерства

At Work with Grotowski on Physical Actions by Thomas Richards; Routledge, 1995

The Actor's Ways and Means by Michael Redgrave; W. Heinemann, 1953 - I Cause and Effect - Ii Instinct and Method--I - Iii Instinct and Method--Ii - Iv the Theatre and the Word

On Politics and the Art of Acting: essential reading for Arthur Miller's fans and anyone seiously interested in the American political scene. 0670030422

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